Visitations, including 'Extraterrestrial' 'PROBES'



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 Part 2.


"the 'Transfiguration of Anoushka' "





As the days went on I was to discover her slow and deliberate movements to be almost 'machine controlled' in appearance. Her eyes and brow could express deep thought and intellect, and her smile was hauntingly beautiful. Although every motion seemed engineered, there was no doubting her natural elegance and grace. What seemed to make her so fascinating was that I had never witnessed such precision of movement before. . . . . ..... or had I??? .... could this be the clue to what I had to look for, while I ran and re-ran the events of my life in an attempt to recall the 'duality' of this experience? I had to find it quick! as I could feel myself dissolving and merging with the Cosmos in her powerful presence!


I felt sad at my loss of Anoushka, but the power of this being was so strong that forgetting was easy . . . . .......... and this made me feel guilty! -- -- -- however, my quest had to go on, even though it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to think with clarity! . . . . . my 'reality' was slipping away fast! ............. I had to hold on.

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