Visitations, including 'Extraterrestrial' 'PROBES'


page 14

Vision of Xylopoop

. . . "Well done you old pumpkin-shaped spatula of a Doctor! ... I'm so happy I could develop whooping cough and sinus!" !

 I punched the doctor violently in the stomach and bit his arm with excitement, then, I noticed with dismay, his hair had turned white since his vision!

 "Oh God! are you all right Doctor? I must apologise! I had forgotten our experience of just two days ago Xylo', with my joy for Heidi, please forgive me?" I said, my head bowed in disgrace.

 Dr Earth merely smiled an 'all knowing' smile and said quietly,....

 "Be calm my son, I bear no grudge,

my life is 'akimbo' with the Cosmos,

I see all innocence within your mind,

your soul is but a mirror,

your eyes are but doorways,

your face is unborn,

your heart is a forest,

your mind is the silo of your children's dreams".

  He rested his fatherly arms on our shoulders and said,

"Our next step is to find the meaning and reason of and for the 'Key'".

He led us over by the hands to the library in his study and pointed to some old books high on the shelves........ "Heidi, my child, could you climb up and fetch the large, blue volume, it's called, . . . .

...."KEYS" -- Their Origins and Uses. 'The Encyclopaedia'....

 Heidi's lithe body moved up the book rack with elegance, and, pulling on the dusty spine of the book, brought it tumbling down into my waiting arms. The years of accumulated dust powdered up into my nostrils causing me to sneeze violently. This in turn caused poor little Heidi to lose her balance, and she stumbled and fell backwards! -- shirt caught on nail!!-- - "R R- R -- R ----R R RRRIIIIIIIPPPPP"!!!! it tore apart! as she brought the whole , solid oak bookcase tumbling down violently on top of us! Old birthday cakes and bits of sandwiches fell from behind the shelve, followed by empty whisky bottles, sardine tins, a bicycle wheel, half of a 'Torpedo', a cup of sugar, and, a pile of old newspapers!

 One of the newspapers fluttered down lightly and settled in front of my eyes beside a fallen book on, ----

"How to Predict Your Own Death" !!




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