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of the Odd Essay

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part 6

The Exposure of Heidi, and, the Lockers of Euston


.. as it turned out, the old newspaper article that had fallen before

my eyes was a report on "Euston" train station in London.

As I lay in the dust, covered in books and pieces of cake I began to

read on, .. it said,...

.........."Since the modernisation of the station, only the upper floor

section of personal lockers will now be available for use, the older,

lower regions now being in the process of being 'blocked off' from

the public. Any uncollected goods which have been left in these

lockers should be removed as soon as possible, before the final

stages of closure are completed. Please contact Mr B. Raell, the

station master, in connection with this matter. went on,......

.........It must be stressed however, that only persons

holding numbered, official keys for their lockers will be allowed

access to the area, -- any unchecked lockers will remain as such

for a period of 18 months, at which time the passageways shall be

finally 'walled up'."

....I gazed at the top of the old paper,

22nd March 1879...!

"Heidi! -- Doctor! -- are you ok???" I shouted.


"Yes" they echoed, and I looked over and saw a blushing Heidi,

shirt ripped from her back and pressing two halloween cakes

against her bare bosoms!

We climbed out from under the books and Heidi went off to replace

her clothes. I showed the newspaper article to the Dr. --- "well,

what do you think" ? I enquired.

He scratched his head with a garden hoe and pushed a patterned

sock over his fist saying,................."GREAT"!...... "all we need to

do now is to check the 'Key' book, look up "Euston Station", and

find out all the keys ever made in connection with it"!

There it was!! page 9001,

'Euston Locker Keys' -- 1855 - 1895.


"In the mid-19th Century, the Chubb Lock Company were

commissioned to produce a quantity of quality keys made from

solid brass, for the use of the public locker system being then

introduced into Euston Train Station. Each key is recognisable

by it's simple form, it's quality and pureness of Brass content,

and perhaps mostly by it's simple numbering system".


"There were 50 keys in all, each containing a single or double

digit number, no lettering or other coding being used in the



"Over the years most of these keys have been bought up by

fanatical collectors, however, to date, the collection is still

incomplete! the number 6 Key apparently never having been





That night I gazed peacefully out of the attic window, watching the

subtle beauty of the perfect Moon as it moved slowly across the

'indian ink' sky, Heidi by my side, her calm body an inspiration,

the epiphani of all that is patient and pure. She looked up also,

eyes full of questioning, pockets full of 'kirby hair grips', shoes

full of feet.



It seemed to be the time to ask the questions that had occuppied my

life for the whole of that day........

..........."Heidi, what happened on the night of Xylopoop's vision"?

I asked quietly as we both gazed at the 'lace veil' blowing slowly to

expose once more the face in the sky.

. . . . "I'm not really sure"!? said Heidi, "I only know that I was

lying on the sofa blowing a chewing-gum bubble when I felt a

surge of warmth and power emerging from the area of my stomach,

which moved up my body to my mouth and then out through the

bubble! it happened so quickly that I was drained of energy and

power! so much so that I must have passed out!"


"Next thing I knew was Dr Xylopoop stroking my arm in another

room and the Key operation was over he said"!


..."I see" -- said I, "so we are none the wiser"!


I had the feeling, nevertheless, that we were the ones central to

the events that were occurring! " The 'intrusions' into our lives, or,

the .. 'Matrix', .... appears to be woven around us! ---

'us' being central to it's cause!"


We gazed again into the still o' the night, the Moon's silver facade

seeming to beckon us, to, 'smile' down on us!


We looked at each other as our heads turned in unison to the

controlling power of dual-cognitive-experience! .... our eyes met, ..

... and yes, we both thought the same!


As I looked deeply into Heidi's beautiful, dark eyes, and as her

pupils began to dilate till the central dark pupil filled her eyes like

pools of ebony, I saw in those darkened mirrors a brilliant streak of

white light! ... moving full across the arcs of her eyes! .... like a

blazing thread of magnesium!! ... like a Laser! a fork of white

lightning!! like, a shooting sta --- r. .. rrrr??!!? UH!..

...................I jerked my head around towards the window just in

time to catch it's tail! .... it went down in the dead of night..


It seemed so odd the way it had been reflected in her eyes, almost

as if it had been inside of her! I looked to Heidi, she had seen it

also, ... "Felt it"! she said, like a surge of power flowing through

her veins!

I had to spend the rest of the evening mopping up the water that

had flowed through the ceiling from the water-tank on the roof!

which had been punctured by my confused thought-waves!


Next morning I felt rather 'grumpy', so I opened the window and

threw an axe at a passing postman, -- well.... .. he was 'whistling'!!

after all!!?!.... Anyway, it caught him on the side of his head and

slashed his cute little ear off.

Encouraged by this first successful assault, I went on to empty last

night's teapot, with all it's old tea-leaves, directly over the heads of

some Nuns on their way to church! The old tea-leaves splashed all

over their sandles and flourescent gloves, and made a right old

mess of their 'turtle-skin' stockings.


I felt better!

I called on Heidi and the Doctor to 'get ready to leave'! ---

..."Bring the Key, and the old blueprints of 'Underground London'"

"we're going to .."EUSTON STATION"!! "Choooo.. Choooo!"




..........Later that day we arrived at Euston, and after checking the

blueprints, I felt sure I knew where the old entrance lay, which

would lead us to the underground section which had been walled

up all those years ago.


Dr Xylopoop and Heidi agreed the spot, and we were further

blessed by the discovery of an old 'Air-Vent'.


We quickly removed the cover and soon we were climbing down

into the darkness of 19th Century London!!


We switched on our flashlights and it wasn't long before we found

the lockers! It followed soon after that we detected the one we so

passionately and curiously sought, .... the 'No. 6'..........!


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