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#Part 7. Secret of Scrolls  


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.........The tarnished, rusting, moss-covered door stood before our tired eyes, with a vaguely

recognisable '6' engraved.

The good doctor scrubbed the ionized surface with his wire brush, cleaving through the

oxidized layers till we could easily see the number '6' with a keyhole by it's side..




I screamed in abandoned delight, much to my embaressment when I regained control of

my senses and realised how childish my innate gut-reactions had been! The

"Eeeooowwwookkkeeee" had reverberated all the way down the old passageways and

tunnels and the final echos of it were just diminishing as I stood red-faced and helpless to

stop the results of my immature verbalizations!

"How embaressing" I thought!


Anyway, Heidi inserted the key but found it difficult to turn, so I slipped the handle of

my theodelite into the key 'ring' and forced it slowly and carefully round with a

crunching, squeaky clank. I pulled the door open with a deep, grinding screech and we

all gazed in, shoulder to shoulder, stooped over, with the torchlight illuminating the

dank interior.


A strange box-like object lay within, beside what appeared to be a roll of old cloth, or

possibly paper. We carefully removed the objects and gently placed them into the padded

shoulder bag we had brought to protect anything of a fragile nature we might find.


Just then, Dr. Xylopoop let out a loud vocalized .....

........"POP BANG" ! ........

which echoed down the tunnels. "I just couldn't resist" he said, "reminds me of the old

days when I used to live in a 'Tenament" and the echo in the stairways and up the 'Close'

used to be amazing" !


........Heidi looked at me in astonishment, baffled and boggled by the statement! Then,

she cupped her hands around her mouth and let out an almighty high pitched ..........



We didn't examine the contents of the bag any further, deciding that it would be best to

remain patient and head back to the surgery to examine them in comfort and with the

proper equipment for such an important task. Having made our decision we headed back,

climbing up through the old vetilation shaft and up to ground level, carefully guarding our

treasure with our hearts thumping like a "Count Basie" drum, or akin to the thundering of

an elephant trampling a spider to death, such was the level of our excitement!


When we got back, Heidi and I began to examine the contents, -- we had to be careful as

they were very old and decrepit, -- reminding me of my uncle's old cardigan I thought, --

a rather cheap and nasty woolen thing covered in barnacles and seaweed, big holes in the

elbows, and a large turnip embroidered onto the back. .... Anyway, I unfastened the

leather strap that held the 'scrolls', and carefully rolled them out onto the table-top, the

three of us stooped over and hushed in the awe inspiring silence of respect. Heidi gasped

as I unrolled the scrolls, bit by bit, to reveal masses of strange looking diagrams and

writings, which seemed to me to be in code.


Heidi looked at me and smiled.... "Hey there you guys, I can read this".... she laughed,

"is this some kind of trick you're playing on me?? come on now, own up"! she



"Good Lord,.... NO!"..... said Xylopoop in an astonished tone,....

"but are you really serious about being able to read this!"? .. he gulped!! as though he

had swallowed a live tortoise.



Part 7


'The Secret of The Scrolls'


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Heidi looked up, smiled like a porpoise, drained the 'centerspread' from a map of

Europe, and, brushing the cobwebs from her pretty petticoat and shoes began to flex her

cable and wire her extention lead.


The Dr. and I looked on in suspicion, thinking she was having us on about being able to

read the manuscripts.


"Well boil my Turban in a vat of Tizer" ! murmered the doctor as Heidi began to relate

the incredible tale which was unfolded before us for the first time in centuries probably!

How she could decipher it, we couldn't say yet!! but, nevertheless, she did!


Here is a condensed version of what Heidi related to us that long, warm evening...........



.........." and it describes here in detail the mystical powers of the Gods of the ancient

World! -- "Zeus" -- "Achilles" -- "Venus" or "Artemis" -- "Pandora" etc."


"It also explains the mysteries of "Ullyses", and of how the "Sirens" sweetly signing

voices were actually 'Audio-Tractor' beams, or signals, which literally hoisted the ships

of Greece and Rome in to their doom on the rocks! -- How Greek Mythology explains

the deeper workings and mechanics of the internal sections of the mind" .......


We were utterly astonished by these astounding-stories and wondered if they could be

true! "Well sponge that coconut!" I muttered, "I'll be the Bastard son of a Mancurian

contortionist" !!


"Stitch that Padre" !! mumbled Xylo.


........"HERE! listen to this!" shrieked Heidi, as she stabbed a cocktail stick through a

picture of an over-weight taxi driver, -- "it says here that the "GORGON" -- MEDUSA"

was in actual fact a highly advanced form of android used for the transmutation of base

metals and liquids! -- but, after some devastating accident, the transforming beams

which it emmitted from the 'eyes' were malfunctioning! and if anyone got in front of

this android and maybe looked into the eyes they would have been instantly 'petrified' ! --

'turned to stone' !! ............. "The well known mythological image attached to the

"Medusa" - head full of writhing snakes, was in fact a distortion of the true image of her

head! -- smashed open in the accident with cables and wires flaying like snakes as it

jerked and swung it's 'head' in the throws of a malfunctioning unit in trouble!"!!!


You could have cracked my eggbox with a neolithic pinion rod when I heard this!

"Strap that Pumpkin" ! I mumbled, - "Well I never"! "I'll be a threadbare High-hoe



"Carry on"! Carry on Heidi"! yelled the doctor, obviously totally engrossed in the



"Hey! Yes! " I shouted excitedly! "that would make a good film"!


"What"?? "these Scrolls"? said Xylo in confusion and in harmony with the perplexed



"No! No!" I said, "don't be silly" ..... "Carry On Heidi" " would be a good title for a



"oh my God!"! groaned Xylopoop, "please carry on Hei...##*% I mean, Please

continue Heidi" !


"O.K." whispered Heidi, "anyway, I don't think Barbara Windsor would be interested,

and, Charles Hawtrey is dead, isn't he" ?? -- she looked to me questioningly.....


Xylo looked at me in disbelief and shrugged his shoulders like a 'Jimi Hendrix' Solo.

Then he looked wistfully into space saying, "yes,.... "Kenneth Williams" has passed over

also I fear..."


Heidi returned her focus to the 'Scrolls' now............


............. they told of how Mount Olympus was the Skyport for Inter-stellar vehicles, and

of how the cities of Troy and Ithica were simply forms of what we knew as 'Holiday


.............They went on to tell of beings known as "Eternals", such as "Zeus",

Achilles, Ullyses, etc. who were able to transport their eternal life-force throughout the

Cosmos, throughout the fields of space and time.


The more Mystical or Spiritual entities were in fact from the outer regions of out Solar

System, -- from the planets, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. An example of one such

being was the "Delphic Oracle".


The 'Eternals' moved throughout the 'Space-Time-Continuum', adjusting the flow of

events only to the extent as to ensure the survival of certain Earth People, Places, and

certain objects which the 'Anti-Lords' sought to destroy! -- but the 'Scrolls' in their

wisdom did not divulge the absolute destiny of mankind! -- this had to remain forever

hidden! -- and those of higher consciousness levels who moved within the spheres and

planes of enlightenment had no doubt as for the wisdom of such a decision.


We were overcome by these revelations and sat down on the floor, exhausted by the

mental strain of trying to comprehend them.


Heidi flicked her plaited pony-tail back as her graceful body moved in an elliptical path

towards the floor, finally settling into the 'Lotus' position on the woven Chinese rug

beside Me. I would never get over the beauty and grace which she so naturally

possessed, truly an object of obsession!... a neurosis in the making, ... a prefabrication

of the Pituitary Gland if ever there was one! ... a 'Block for Stumbling over' as you

weaved your way towards maturity.!!


"Xylopoop" had gone to the toilet and was now returning, whistling a merry tune, .. I

think it was 'Beethoven's 9th? .... yes.... I'm sure that's what it was.....


Anyway, as he moved across the Egyptian carpet which lay parallel to the Chinese carpet

I suddenly noticed!.... Oh No!... he had forgotten to do his trousers up properly!! and his

belt was hanging loose! -- his trousers seemed to be descending slowly!!


"XYLO"! I yelled in fear......


.... thinking of the embarassment of his pants falling prey to the powers of gravity and

descending in a 'carpet-bound' direction before the innoccent Heidi's eyes.

Needless for me to elaborate upon the confirmation of one's fearful expectations, they

came tumbling to the floor in all their manifest flutterings, -- tangled around old Xylo's

knees and brought him sprawling in one almighty avalanche of humanity as he

pointlessly grasped and snatched at invisable straws in the air before him!!


However, as he fell, his elbow caught the side of the strange box we had rescued from

the locker and it came crashing to the ground.!!!!!! with a ....




.........."W O W" ! squealed Heidi! "what the hell is that"? ..... she gasped! as we peered

at the whirring, clicking black box which was now begining to flash and glow!

Suddenly! .... a high-pitched ... "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" was

emmited and a white beam shot forth like a laser!!.. producing a 3-D image of some

strange being!!

...we shrank back in awe-struck fear!


Then a voice emerged, seemingly from the 'halogram' before our eyes! ....


.."Well done my children -- it is so good to see you again -- my name is

"ULLYSES".. you may have read of me in your books, and if you have obtained access

to the 'Scrolls' then you will also know that I am one of thee 'Eternals' .

Please let me explain what has been going on....."


We instinctively knew that this was where the answers to our confusing life-patterns lay -

- we feared no more now as I wrapped my arm around Heidi and we settled on the rug to

listen. Xylopoop seemed to sense that his part in the opera was over, though he didn't

seem to mind as he retired into the shadows of the room to listen separately.




"Would you like to ask any questions"? asked Ullyses.


"Oh yes please" said Xylo. "can I go to the Loo?"..............?


"sssshhhh" I hushed him, "don't be silly Xylo" I whispered, hoping Ullyses didn't hear...

then Heidi asked.........


..............."What was that "Judith Chalmers" creature at all" ? in a low voice.


Ullyses answered..... "She was what is known as an 'Anti-Lord' -- an elementary force

that had been sent to trace and eliminate the potential 'Eternal Life-Force' of

"Harmonia", the daughter of "Venus! --- If you had come into contact with the

'Anti-Lord' both of you would have been destroyed! -- a mutual annihilation would

have occured! Such a contact would have merely left a residual band of energy

around the Earth for all time! "


Then I asked slowly,.....

....."What did my vision of the crescent Moon and Stars mean? and

then seeing that same imagery on Heidi's arm! -- what does this signify to me" ?


Ullyses once more explained......."The Moon and Stars mark the three life-force

centers on the Moon, known only to 'Initiates' of the 'Eternals'. Sometimes,

'Meteorites' are used as carriers of energy to supply the 'Angels' or to 're-energize'

them as they guard the Earth and protect people, situations, and 'events' that the

'Anti-Lords' have adjusted in an attempt to cause destruction ."..........

..........."Heidi, or should I now say, "Harmonia"...... is such an Angel, she being

the daughter of "Ares" and "Venus". All of the Angels have slightly 'upturned'

noses and this is why they are so fixed in your subconscious."


"Harmonia", is one of the 'Everlasting Creatures' who exist within the matrix of

'Space and Time' "


"Anoushka", was what is known as an 'Initiator', who's task was to make first

contact with the 'initially' suspected 'Direct Line Being' -- and 'You', my son, are

one of those beings."


"A Direct Line Being is a Pure, Direct Blood-Line relative of a being from our great

age of 'Greek Mythology' --- and your ancestors are "Pluto" your father, and

"Persephone" -- your Mother."


......."Once the 'Initiator' has made contact and verified the suspect, she is then

replaced by a method known as 'Transmutation' and by the fertilization of a single

cell 'cutting' from another being, the original being, who resides in another 'Space-

Time'. The cell then grows by our 'accelerated cultivation' process, and, when this

action is completed the new creation is identical to the original, --- like what you

might class as a 'Clone', in simple terms, -- this is truly what Heidi/Harmonia is, an

'Eternal' or 'Angel', though she was made unaware of this as it could have

influenced her actions to too great a degree perhaps".


..........."The transformation is so complete that she 'IS' the original "Harmonia",

and the other being, the original if you like, has now been destroyed, for there can

never be two completely identical beings in existence at one time in our Universe,

even though they are thousands of years apart".


..........."their dual existence would cause too great an imbalance on the finely tuned

structure and fabric of the Cosmos, -- on the tiny, invisable force-tendrils that hold

the Universe together, -- and the resulting imbalance could spark off the collapse and

demise of our 'eternity'."



Heidi then asked, ....."What about our experience in the surgery with Dr. Xylopoop" --

"what was as all that about" ??


Ullyses answered,..........." I will try to explain this as simply as possible, but it is very

difficult to put into words because the full understanding of such events must be

known through experience and are not explainable through the medium of

verbalisation." ....... however,.....

.............."when Heidi expelled the energy sphere it was

from the storehouse of energy within her body known to you as the 'Solar Plexus', and

in the form of a ball of light. It's power was so great that it caused a warp in the

space-time field and brought about an opening, or 'window' through which the

doctor could view the events of the Olympiad, and the majesty of ancient Greece"


......"Remember? the ball of light entered his body through the ears, via the

stethyscope. To any onlooker, time would have appeared to halt, and eventually the

onlooker would pass out while experiencing uncontrollable flashes and visions of

distant events in the time-space fields. But the experience for the doctor would be so

profound that the memory of it would have to be consigned to the realms of the

subconscious. However, the effect would have been powerful enough to influence

his future actions and raise his consciousness to a higher level, thus, effectively

bringing him to a plane of consciousness where the events he would eventually

witness, -- like tonights for instance, -- would neither shock him into rigidity, nor

affect him to the point where he might seek gain or power from them".


"How did all this come about though"? I asked, "and what became of the euphoric life of

Mythological Greece" ?


Ullyses returned.......... " Our precious cities, Troy, Ithica, and the others, were not

loved by all, and during a terrible war, our enemies destroyed them with fire. The

resulting chaos brought about the dispersal of the Gods, the Angels, and the

Olympians, who moved throughout the regions of the Cosmos. Now, those

initiatory Gods 'Pontus' -- and 'Gaea' have to search thoughout space and time in an

effort to regroup and re-unite them and their direct descendants."


......."Due to this dispersal most of the Angels have to extract their life-force from

objects of rare or odd structure, because of the atomic diversity of such objects. --

like the 'Clockwork Chairs' for instance. These in turn would now be in danger of

folding in on themselves, or, their atomic structure could collapse due to the drain

on their energy. Therefore, 'Pontus, and Gaea' have to continually replenish these

drained objects with 'Power-Packs' -- Meteorites, etc, from the 'Three Life-Force

Centers' on the Moon".


....."Think of the evening of the emergence of the four black cubes? -- remember they

came in through your windows? well, their extra energy was necessary to materialise

the huge concrete mushroom which had an enormously high positive charge which in

turn was needed for the annihilation of the Anti-Lord, -- the Anti-Matter being of the

name Judith Chalmers"..........

.......I, ... I am being called, ..... I must go now, my mission here is over for now,

another two pieces of 'Mosaic' have been laid, so you will know your direction from

here on".........EEeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzippppppppppppp * * ~~~~~~~~~

*..................................P-O-P---B-A-N-G---! (*)


***.......... the black box and the scrolls disappeared comletely! and when I lifted my

head I saw Xylopoop, fast asleep on the hand-woven Chinese rug!


I helped Harmonia to her pretty feet and we moved slowly across the room, like the

Credits at the end of a film! or, like 'spring-loaded' marzapan being choked by a

Lapwing in Autumn! We knew of our power and destiny as we gazed out into the hot

evening air, -- the constant hummmmm of traffic, the flashing of neon, the smog on

the highway, and the distant music filling the night for all.


I glanced up and nudged Harmonia's shoulder,... "Look" I whispered, and she looked

upwards, only to see the first early sighting of "Halley's Comet" as it started on it's long

trek past Earths orbit and around the Sun, it's glorious tail of dust and ice being combed

out by the Solar Wind across the arc of the Cypriot sky. ... the beauty of the heavenly

cosmos engulfed our souls as we gauged ourselves against such unbelievable majesty.

(...Keep going, don't stop now!....)

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I felt the jagged edges of space against my fingertips as the future materials of unbuilt

stars passed through my bloodstream. The experience of twelve distant 'Black Holes'

combining with the white corpusals within my veins purged all impurities from deep

within the structures of my blood -- my heart's left ventricle slowly padded a peaceful

welcoming rhythm to the visiting souls as they melded there at the hearthrug of eternity

within me. The prickling sensations from spinal cosmic contact points caused the

loosening of previously stifled muscle tissue on the sides of my face and head to awaken

in harmonious ecstacy as a new wave of Stars passed through my body, causing the

importance of previously thought highpoints of orgasmic physical pleasures to pale into

the shadows of ignorance in the flaring light of the Cosmic reunion in my soul.


The salt

of Harmonia's 'Joy-Tears' on my lips of parched and neglected loveflowings were

graphite-fresh on my tastebuds. The twelve undocumented truths of Issac were inscribed

onto the virginal opening of my mind as the flesh within uncharted areas of my brain

began to change colour in the awakening of the first sections. The sleeping 'dead' areas of

unused grey matter were colouring themselves a shade of pink, like a child, as they

unfolded and began to breath, -- the pumping of oxygenated blood began to surge and

flow uncountered thoughout my being in a manner not yet verbalised nor written of!


I instinctively turned my arms slowly over to expose the undersides of my wrists and

upper arms and watched in awe as the flowing veins expanded like ripe fruit, full of the

life giving power of the universe.


"There must be something big on tonight" said Harmonia, "all that energy can't be for us

alone surely?! ...... can it" ? she sighed as she flashed her ebony eyes up towards the

glorious comet.


I shrugged my shoulders and we left quietly, stepping out into the city lights, moving

like 'Volcanic Lava' in a 'Paratroopers' dream as we did, -- feeling akin to the center

page of a Dictionary, or like Particles of light passing silently across the darkness of

space. We knew we were born of the Sunspot activity of day, yet we lived by the

changing phases of the night.


Later, as the 'Vampire Road-Works' told their tale of woe in the distant glow of the

night, we wandered back to that house on the hill, wondering what the doctors would be

thinking in our absence!


........"should we tell them of Xylo's hideout" ? breathed Harmonia.


........"No" I said, "we must not interfere with the destiny of another, our influx must be

as subtle as possible for the de-structuring to gain full acceptance: the rugged stance of

disease must be neutralised in quasi-subliminal steps, as a head-on attempt at erasure

could effect fragmentation at the source and lead to further spread and germination from

a multitude of minor outlets".


"TAXI"! "TAXI"! I shouted.


The car drew up and we streched ourselves out in the back seat.


"State Asylum please" cooed Harmonia as I made a note on her blouse sleeve,....


'Ultimate Knowledge Conquers Ultimate Fear'


We glanced out through the rain-drenched window into the black clouds of night, sheets

of life-blood pouring openly over our carriage outlook as we cast our eyes upwards to

catch the powerful image of the Comet, cutting it's way confidently through the night as

the 'Sky-cracks' opened to remove the obscuring cloud-bank.


"Many Angels shall feed on the energy of the night Harmonia" I whispered, "so try to be

patient" I begged as I caught her wrist just in time before the toffee hammer sank into

the skull of the red nosed taxi driver in front. I threw the offending hammer out of the

window only to catch a passing Politician on the side of his head, knocking him over in

front of a steamroller!


The strangest thing then happened, Harmonia suddenly told me her real name was ....

"TERRY"............. wOw ! I thought!


So, here we sit, high on the hill of Mount Olympus Hospital, patiently waiting for the

day of re-structuring, when Mount Olympus shall rise once more again and the Gods

shall return...........

"In The Begining, the Earth was without form.........















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