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"The Great Ages"

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Using the above information (previous page) it should be clear that if we look back in time to approximately 10,000 B.C. we find ourselves at the time of the "Age of Leo". Although I am not using exact figures to try to pin-point the actual begining of the Age of Leo, I think for our purposes we can safely use these loose calculations because of the lengthy duration of the great ages (over 2,000 years).

Not surprisingly, the age of Leo was the age of the Lion! -- The age of the Sun also. (Sun rules Leo).

LEO = Regality, Rulership, Pleasures, Creativity - both of children and art. The Sun is it's ruler, Fire is the element, the metal is Gold, and the animal is Leo, the lion. Ancient myths of a happy, golden age may indeed be true! Temples have been found in South America with carved lion's faces said to be dedicated to the Sun. There are many connections: The Egyption worship of the Sun God "RA" and their worship of cats etc. Astrology shows that each sign connects with it's opposite by polarity and so it may be surmised that this age of the Sun (LEO) also included an Aquarian influence in what was seen to be the advanced scientific thought of those days.

Now, recently, I was extremely interested to discover that there was a program on British television called "Quest for the Lost Civilization" (also available in book form). This was an excellent 3 part documentary written and presented by "Graham Hancock"tracing various possible events from deep into our past, where certain stone monoliths, temples and monuments were apparently constructed in an attempt to mirror heavenly patterns. The main correlation being the positioning of the Great Pyramid and its two satellite pyramids, along with the general layout around Giza, which appeared to mirror the layout of star patterns in the constellation of "Orion" ! The Great Pyramid is a masterpiece of stonework, weighing approximately 6,000,000 Tons!, and created using around 2,500,000 blocks of stone, each weighing about as much as two average family sized cars!. The pyramid is aligned exactly to the points of the compass, the four sides facing North, South, East, and West exactly, and the whole structure is situated almost exactly 30 degrees north of the equator: this being no accident!

There are several 'channels' cut down from the surface of the great pyramid and down into the King's chamber, as well as other areas. One of these view-channels points directly to the stars of the belt of Orion, and the whole ground-map of the stars around Giza matches the actual Sky Star Patterns exactly around the time of 10,500 B.C. Modern computer technology can calculate these star positions accurately into the past for this purpose. The layout of the 3 pyramids at Giza match incredibly accurately to the 3 stars of the belt of "Orion"--- suggesting highly advanced astronomical knowledge, and in the years around 10,500 B.C!

Interestingly enough, the period which Plato mentions for the cataclysmic and sudden destruction of the fabled "Atlantis" is approximately 9,500 B.C. -- Therefore, "Atlantis" would also have been in existence possibly at this point in time where superior knowledge appears to have existed -- around the time of 10,000 B.C. -- I haven't studied much about the supposed character and culture of the Atlanteans, but off the top of my head, so to speak, I am sure I have read somewhere that they had tried to harness the power of the Sun! -- reflecting it through great crytals and magnifying mirrors. It's just a thought, but the Sun only happens to be the ruler of the astrological sign of "LEO".

IInteresting as these points are, the thing which I really want to concentrate on in a sense is the "Sphinx".

After examination of the corrosion and deterioration of that most noble structure, it was declared that, the only way such errosion could have occured would have been through a constant beating of rainwater. There seems to be almost no doubt as to this being so -- all studies of the stonework's errosion point to one of constant exposure to heavy rains over a long period of time.

Of course this wouldn't be anything too extraordinary or odd at all if it were one of the many other worldwide stone structures, but this was the Sphinx! and it resides in the desert regions!!

As it turns out, the last time that area of Egypt was prone to heavy rain type weather was around the period of 10,000 B.C. --- the Age of Leo! -- and using computers to calculate the astronomical positions of the constellations at that time we find that the sign rising over the horizon, directly into the face of the Sphinx, is the constellation of LEO! no other! -- this great monument to celebrate the worship of the Lion God was constructed facing into the constellation of Leo as it rose over the horizon in all it's glory. Truly, the Egyptians knew how to pay homage to the God of their own particular age, "The Age of Leo".

Most people are also aware of the fact that the ancient Egyptians of that time worshiped the Sun God, as is clearly visable from the heiroglyphics to be found throughout the region. Keeping this as simple as possible it doesn't take any great genius to observe that they were paying homage to the God of that great age, the Sun, which is the astrological ruler of the sign 'LEO'.

As I said, I am trying to keep this information in clear, simple form,--- not because I think people will be too dumn to understand, but because it IS clear and simple! and there is no need to embellish the details and dress up the data in order to make a 'half-baked' theory interesting and plausable -- For one, it is not half-baked, and two, it IS interesting and more than plausable!!

Historians have puzzled and delved, probed and theorized over the different Gods, Goddesses and ancient Cults that have arose in different parts of the ancient world, and they have tried to trace the resemblances between them . If they stopped and studied the natures of the zodiacal signs, or requested the help of a qualified astrologer who could explain the meaning and symbolism involved, they would uncover the prototype of each God, Goddess and cult.

Getting back to the Age of Leo, and that date of 10,000 B.C. --These finds were of no great revelation to me however, as I had already expressed this opinion to some friends while explaining the 'mapping' through time of the various great ages, working backwords from the present day - Pisces/Aquarius, - to Leo. The age of Leo being as far back as I had got. The joy I felt was on hearing the scientific community's view of the time-mapping being in accordance with my own. Prior to these archaeological revelations, it was generally accepted that the Sphinx and the Great pyramid were built around the time of 5,000 B.C. Obviously, whatever your opinion, it is hard to deny the connections, and the fact that this period in time, 10,000 B.C. was one of great knowledge and creativity (LEO) and much of that knowledge has been forgotten.

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