The Age Of Cancer

Peter McBrearty DMS.Astrol

"The Great Ages"

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Age Of Cancer

approx. 8,000 B.C.

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon, and tradition everywhere tells of a catasrophe which struck Earth with a deluge of water. According to some theories, this was caused by the 'capture' of the Moon by the Earth! (Hoerbiger's Cosmogonic Theory)

Moon-Cults, and female goddesses of the 'fertile mother' order possibly arose during this time. It may also be worth considering the possible connection between the sinking of the legendary city of Atlantis and the 'Water-Nature' and deluge suggestions assocciated with this 'Age'. It may even be that the 'sinking of Atlantis' is a symbolic phrase, which encloses the idea of the demise of the 'Golden Age' of Leo and Atlantis by the onset of the coming of the 'Water Sign' -- the "Age of Cancer".

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