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extracts from the files of astrologer "P McBrearty DMS.Astrol MAPA.


Although the field of psychiatry has taken great steps forward since it's emergence, such

as Carl Jung's more spiritual approach, which has been merged with astrology by many

'Astrological-Psychologists', and R.D.Laing's revolutionary 'Uranian' methods, where

acute mental and emotional turmoil was allowed to continue along it's course, rather than

being checked by sedation, there are still some "basics" which remain. For instance,

psychologists, such as Freud, divided the human mind into three compartments: ego, id,

and superego. Astrologers do the same thing, except that our model of the mind differs

from Freud's in two fundamental ways. First, it's a lot more elaborate. Instead of three

compartments, we have ten: Sun, Moon, and the eight planets we see from Earth. As we

know, each planet represents more than a "circuit" in your psyche. It also serves as a kind

of "Teacher," guiding us into certain consciousness-triggering kinds of experience.


'Consciousness' is an elusive concept to define. For a scientist, it could be merely locating

and charting the firing of neurones in the brain, but this lacks insight into the spiritual

component of the term. "Mind" awareness is much more than charting electrical brain

activity, for me, it is a spiritual level of 'self-realisation' integrating the mental, physical,

and spiritual aspects of self. I think we need to reach outside ourselves in a sense, and go

beyond the material world in order to reach our higher, spiritual self, so that we can attain

increasing levels of self-realisation in a search for "wholeness". Individual wholeness

must come before we can have wholeness in our world: inner peace must be achieved for

the 'individual', before we can have world peace: but our 'civilisation' seems to thrive on

disturbing individual inner peace: The media probes the contentment, often with lies, by

telling us how we should look, how we should eat, how unhealthy we must be, how fat

we are, what drugs we should and shouldn't addle our minds with. All this implanting of

negative seed which many people have little or no resource to alleviate. The result? lack

of inner peace and a sense of loss of self-realisation, emptiness and fragmentation rather

than 'wholeness'. The whole thing is driven by a massive multi-billion

pound/dollar/yen/franc, etc. business and industry matrix. It is known, for instance, that

the "dieting" industry is one of the biggest and continually thriving multi-million pound

industries on the globe! even though the success rate of it's clients is one of the lowest .

Of course, the reason it thrives as a business is the lack of client success, which creates a

self-regenerating source of outlets for it's products.


And to think that people talk of "World Peace" !


So, I must work on attaining my "individual self-realisation" and quality of inner peace,

through the search for "consciousness". My ally in part is "Astrology".






Astrology and consciousness share an identical goal - to help people fulfil their potential,

it helps to integrate the inner self with the outer reality, and to thus approach the goal of



"Let it begin with me "


Now! this all began with the comparisons drawn between astrology and psychology! I

think I went slightly off the mark for a bit! Anyway,....... the second difference between

astrology and psychology is that astrology's mind-map, unlike Freud's, is rooted in nature

itself, just as we are.The primary celestial teacher is the Sun. What does it teach?

Selfhood. Vitality. How to keep the life-force strong in yourself. If the Sun grew dimmer,

so would all the planets -- they shine by reflecting solar light. Similarly, if you fail to

stoke the furnaces of your own inner Sun, then you'll simply be "out of fuel." All your

other planetary functions will suffer too.

(c)P McBrearty dms.astrol mapa.


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