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Early 70's drawing, ink on parchment. P McBrearty dms.astrol


"A combination of geometrical shapes suggesting a magical connotation, especially in the 'Pentagonal' foreground platform on which stands the 'Robot-like' figure . There is an obvious connection with Egyptian culture: the Pyramid, and 2D figures against the back wall.. There is also a feeling of 'confrontation', and a merging  of ancient wisdom and futuristic technology. This idea of Egyptian culture being connected with 'Gods from Space' is nothing new today, ... - but my connection is different and can only be viewed when looking at a book on Egyptology, or flying slowly over the 'Valley of Kings' on a clear day around sunrise.


If you look at the layout of an ancient Egyptian city from an elivated angle, or from above, you will immediately see the similarity to a circuit board in a standard television set or computer board. This is most easily seen in some 'stylized' drawings in books on Egyptology.

Nuff Said ?.



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