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"TIMETRAVEL" pen and pencil on parchment. 1985

P McBrearty dms.astrol.

This drawing was done as I reminisced about a childhood experience I can still recall with clarity.

I was 9, or 10 years old and spent quite some time in the secrecy of my room building a "TIME MACHINE" from bits of my Grandmother's old Valve-Radio -- a huge affair of a thing which stood about three feet high by two feet wide! --- They don't make radios like that today! I also utilised several pieces of electrical components I had found in the ruins of old buildings which had lay untouched since the second world war. These buildings were on old pieces of land, and some of the items I found were pieces of Army Radio sets, Gas Masks, and other odd things.


I hid my Time Machine from my parents inside of my large wardrobe and spent many days travelling throughout the space-time fields, visiting many strange lands. I think my father eventually disconnected my machine, or something like that,!! I can't remember how it all actually ended.

Even stranger to me now as I recall it, is, where did I get the idea and plans to build a time machine in the first place!!??? I don't think we even had a T.V. set in those days!


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