The Age Of Taurus

Peter McBrearty DMS.Astrol

"The Great Ages"

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Age Of Taurus

(approx. 4,000 B.C.)

 Taurus is a 'fixed' Earth-sign, and records of this period now tell of cultivation in Egypt, and of the worship of the Bull in that country. The Bull was symbolized in art and sculpture with the golden disc of the Sun resting between it's horns, symbolizing the Sun's rising at the vernal equinox against the background constellation of Taurus.

At the end of the Taurean Age, when Moses came down from the mountain to speak with the people and to greet them with the new commandments from God, he became angry when he found his people had became weak and restless in his absence, and so had created a golden calf to worship; a sign that they had reverted back to the old ways of the Taurean age of worship because they thought Moses had deserted them. Moses then forbade them the old ways of worshipping the golden calf and made them learn the ways of the new commandments.