Part 3.


"From the Heart of the Sun"


I quietly left the room, moving like a 'Giro-Cheque' into the night air, and stifling a groan of excrutiating pain by pushing a large turnip into my mouth. The pain was due to stubbing my little toe on the granite slab that appeared like a pin-cushion on the floor! The net stockings I was wearing were 'laddered' to the knee by this unfortunate occurrence, and the 'Bugle' in my jacket pocket was begining to melt.

 I rushed out into the street, grasping at hedgehogs and toilet-brush-holders as the shooting-star left it's quiet trail across the black sheet of the night sky.....

 "AAAAHHHH! MY TOE-BONE!" .... I yelled loudly, just as I entered the 'Plump Spanner and Heel-Grip-Arms' pub on the corner. I was limping and hopping up and down on one leg holding my damaged foot in my hands and moaning.......

.... "OH! OH! OH! OH!" .... when some of the 'locals' gathered around me, clapping their hands and stamping their feet in time to my hopping. One old fellow, with his hair tied up with fish-bones and a canoe strapped to his back was playing the accordian! they obviously thought I was doing some kind of 'Folk-Dance'!

 I was so embarassed by the situation that I ran out of the door quickly and left them to it!

 Just as I stepped out onto the street..... 'PLOP'! the 'Meteorite' landed in my top pocket and burned it's way down through my clothing, coming to rest in my garter belt.

(it had cooled down a bit now I hasten to add!).

 The events of that day had caused me to seek out some unique form of 'escapism', such was the weakness of my spirit and the opening of my Achillies Heel. I channelled my escape route as the 'monkey' on my shoulder expanded, and, with a shameful lack of 'willpower' I 'mesmeriszed' a passing clown by substituting my shoes for a pair of North-American Indian's rat-infested loin-cloths, studded with coiled bicycle wheel spokes, and covered in thick layers of sugar-free trampoline grease! The vision was so hypnotic that the poor clown set fire to his wig while trying to ignite his clay pipe! then he stumbled backwards over the edge of a passing 'parapett' and down into the crowd of jeering barbarians below. I sneezed a 14 pound lump-hammer from my left nostril which flew out across the megalithic stone structures of pre. Greco-Roman times, and I knew then, at that point, that at last, things were begining to make sense, everything was returning to normal. It had been so very long since these everyday, normal and regular happenings had taken place in my life and I felt good and secure in the knowledge of their simple return.

 I weaved my way home that night, carefully dodging the loose-fitting tiles that fell like 'orange, magnetic guillotines' from the roof-tops. A 'fish-slicer' flew past my handsome face! narrowly missing my long eyelashes by centimetres! and I praised myself on my knowledge of the 'Metric System' which was necessary in these foreign lands.

 The fish-slicer was followed by a, .... frying-pan, net-ball attachment, corkscrew, dartboard, ironing-board, and a fine selection of freshly picked fruit and veg!

Family feuds were rare in these parts, so I took two minutes silence in respect of this unfortunate event.

 During this short moment of meditation, a voice in my head suddenly suggested that, 'at the exact moment of my little friends formation, the moment of the first cell of life moving forward under the orders of the DNA Code, the central nucleus of this cell was impregnated with the surging power of the rays from some almighty magnetic storm in the 'Heart of the Sun'! -- As the storm hit one of it's peaks, the transformation reached completion! as witnessed by myself that fearful morning, -- when the first rays of the rising sun had penetrated and cut their way through the room!!..


The Image that shaped itself in my head from these words was like a vision!! --(see Picture above)

-- it astounded me!

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