Part 3.

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"From the Heart of the Sun"

........Just then, a shadowy face appeared from some dark upstairs room window!

....... It shouted down to me! ....

......."Are you all right sir? you look astounded!!?

 ....... I tried to make out the face in the darkness, but the mud-pack it appeared to be wearing obscured the identity. Suddenly, a passing car's headlights illuminated the area! ... and I saw! ... "could it be true!"??? ... a Blackbird fly from the mouth of the face!! ... and then I knew! ...

 ... the face belonged to my long dead Grandmother!!!........

 I dropped the Yehuidi Mehnuin record I was carrying and it smashed to pieces beside a passing elephant! -- ......then a voice shouted,,,,,,,

"Hey you! watch it mate!!!! that nearly fell on my elephants foot!!"

"I don't know!" -- he mumbled, "you can't walk your pets in safety these days!"


 I rushed home in fear, feeling some dark shadow chasing after me! only inches, or Centimetres behind!

 I shakily opened my door and entered, slamming the door behind me and waking my little friend: She opened her eyes...tilted her chin upwards and head to the side... her mouth was open and smiling and her teeth were so perfectly aligned that I caught myself staring at them in awe!. Every tooth was so beautifully perfect and equal in length! not a gap or discolouration in sight. Her mouth turned up gently at the corners and I noticed for the first time her smooth, high, cheekbones.


Her eyes almost closed in quiet delight as she noticed the four breadbins full of trapezoids and clockwork toadstools fall from my arms onto her lap.

  Next day, as the Sun was setting, I used my filter telescope to examine it and, yes! there in that all consuming fire at it's center was the tell tale signs of my Sun-Spot!! the almighty magnetic storm was in full flow! moving in great spirals around it's inner core and sending waves of powerful magnetism towards our planet.

 This was the first time I had ever realised or thought of it, the sun revolves around it's own axis, the sun-spot activity is constant, but the well known 11 year cycles, or semi-cycles, that scientists talk of were in fact only due to the sun's revolving on it's axis! and this caused the magnetic storms to move away from us as we revolved around the sun!! So, it must take approximately 11 years to catch up with the sunspots again to the point that they were visable from Earth!! At such times, the magnetic disturbance that resulted from our angular relationship with the sun and the sunspots would correlate to certain significant events on our planet!!

 I dislodged every nail in the kitchen cupboard by the force of my thoughtwaves at this point and it took me a week to repair the damage!!

 I made a mental note: there was one person in the 'past' with whom I had attached the 'Magnetic Storm' theory to, and her name was 'Rhonna' -- a young Art Student friend of mine from approximately 17 years ago, but the 'link' didn't seem strong enough.

 'Tufts' of purple hair appeared in my sock-box that night, but this caused no interest to rise in me at all.

 I suddenly remebered! -- Rhonna's nose was 'turned up' slightly also! and this seemed to be rather significant somehow!! -- why are turned-up noses so fixed in my subconscious?? -- if only I could remember......................!

 Since there was no way of knowing my friend's name or birthplace, we decided she was to be called 'Heidi' and of 'Swiss' origin. Once this was decided it appeared absolutely perfect and fitting!!

'poke' my eye !


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