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Next morning, the pain had returned to my toe, so I made a poultice from some hot sea-horse droppings, and a mixture of underwater armpit urchins and Ukrainian Leg-Fluid. I applied the mixture to my damaged toe and Heidi kindly bandaged the whole thing nicely. As she knelt before me binding my poor toe she noticed the strange tatoo emblazened across my ankle; it was a fine line-drawing of a Hippopotamus swallowing a nun! The whole thing was finished off nicely with a lovely jungle scene and was truly impressive.

 She moved her soft arm towards the tatoo, the motion being complemented by the angle of her head and shoulders. Lifting her knee to rest her arm on she was about to ask about the strange picture when suddenly! .. we noticed on the underside of her left arm, -- a beautiful picture of the crescent Moon with three bright stars within the curve of the arc! Beneath this was what appeared to be a small key, hidden beneath the skin with the shape pressing through!!

My mind flashed back to the night I had first been impressed and confused by this image, it had been the very night before the transformation of Anoushka!! the evening of ........


'the Transfiguration of Anoushka'


This is what I had christened it. I quivered in awe at the realization, -- feeling an ice-cold chill run down my spinal cord and the hair on the back of my neck stand on end!

.........Later that day,...

.... a transluscent apron materialised within the confines of Heidi's shirt. I feared another transformation, and I didn't want to lose Heidi like I had lost Anoushka. I set out immediately with Heidi to visit my old friend 'Dr Earth Xylopoop', a rather eccentric physician and first class Bass player with 'the Plug-Points', a highly successful avent-garde jazz trio, so called due to their names,..........

....on Drums, -- Bobby Live, .... Piano, -- Neutral Jones, .... and of course ....

Bass player, -- Earth Xylopoop.

 They dressed for the part too! in Red, Blue, and Green cat-suits, all in all a fine small band.

 The doctor lived on 42nd street, just around the corner from '5 minutes Avenue'. We reached his street and I knew he lived at the very end house, it would take us exactly 40 seconds to walk there, so, I got out my stop-watch and began to walk, Heidi moving alongside in her roller skates, moving like a 'Pot-Noodle' as she did. A cuter sight you couldn't have seen. When we reached the good doctor's door I gave a knock with my home-made toffee-hammer, -- 'Tok Tokk Tokkccraaaaackk!! '


 ...........SCREAMED the door!!! -- I gasped in surprise! and taking a step back I collided with Heidi and we tumbled like a toilet terminal to the pavement in a heap!

 I looked up to see a delighted Xylo' laughing aloud with blood pouring from his split open forehead! He was disguised as a door panel ! ! !!

 "Ha ha ha hhaa a ha ha ha!" he giggled daftly, "fooled you there didn't I" he chirped, as the letter-box on his belly fell to the ground with a 'chinkle-chank-clinnk' and a keyhole dislodged itselt from his arm and landed 'PLOP' into Heidi's belly-button, causing her to chuckle and giggle also as the cold metal made contact with her warm skin.

 "Still up to your old tricks, eh Doc?" I said, breaking four of his toes with my hammer.

 "I must ask you a favour Doc" I continued, climbing to my feet and helping Heidi as she scuttled and slid around on her skates.

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